Quality lumber, Competitive pricing, and Top-Notch Services.

“We couldn’t believe the irregular pricing coming from the suppliers we had worked with for years. How could one lumber package estimate suddenly double or triple per the vendor? We thought — well, that’s a bunch of material monkey business.”

Construction Materials We Offer

We offer everything from lumber, trusses, doors and windows, fireplaces, and specialty hardwoods.

You'll want to learn more about our WeCare Warranty Program, too.

Improve your return on investment...

with top-notch construction services that reduce waste, achieve a more desirable end product, and boost customer satisfaction.

With Value Engineering, boost your bottom line by reducing building materials waste and operational costs

Material Take-offs give you the time and energy you need to run your business on your terms

Our Material Delivery service saves you countless hours of being on the road between job sites and the building materials supply store

The Supply Monkey WeCare Warranty program covers the functionality of all Doors & Windows you purchase through us

We take service seriously! Learn more about what Supply Monkey can offer.

How did we get here?

We’ve found a way around the monkeyin’ around. Supply Monkey formed out of a desire to improve how professionals purchase and receive their framing materials based on our experience of buying lumber for residential and commercial projects.

No more monkeyin’ around!

The Supply Monkey Advantage boosts your bottom line, leads to better project outcomes, and results in happier customers and construction crews.

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